“You can’t expect to be validated”

This is from a video I listened to from Bishop T.D. Jakes.

You can expect criticism.  You can expect some turbulence…some obstacles. You may not have the resources.  You may not even be in the community where this activity occurs.  You’ve been excluded from the conversation because your life is built based on where you’ve been not around where you’re going.  That’s why it’s become a prison.  That’s why you need to irrigate your life with new people who are not intimidated by your gifting.”

If you live in a world where you’re the smartest person in the room and everyone’s pulling on you.  Everyone’s growing from you (i.e. everyone is nursing from the milk of your wisdom), you’re in the wrong room. You need to go into another room that makes you think again; one that makes you train again and makes you read again and ignites your passion. You need to be around people who make deposits not just withdrawals into your destiny.”

All this year, I have loss many people who I sincerely believed were supposed to be on board with me.  From diverging viewpoints and internal competition to outright lies and theft of intellectual property, God uprooted my self-imposed “Dream Team”.  Guess what – I’m so glad He did.  I now have peers, mentors, and friends who helped me to grow. They challenged my thoughts and, you guessed, check me when I am wrong.  It is because of this that I am growing.  We haven’t reach our goals yet, but we are certainly well on our way.

Why do I send this article to you?  Quite simply, either you have experienced this or you will experience this soon If you choose to walk the path of a entrepreneur and business owner.  When that times comes, remember that it is all part of the grooming process to help you because the successful CEO you were designed to be.  Remember, if it was easy, everyone would be doing it. Lastly, without struggle, there can be no progress.

Keep building your empire…