My Burning Desire and Goal Is To:

Destroy the barriers in between you and your wealth.

My way of doing it is by creating wealth tools that enable you to create generational wealth and to break out of financial slavery.

Arthur Toole III

An investor, philanthropist, author and speaker, Arthur Toole III is a servant by nature and a leader by circumstance. In his words, his purpose is to “empower people and help free them spiritually, mentally, financially and economically.”
Raised as the middle of three children in a single parent home, his desire to serve others was born from wanting to help his family and his community. His mother taught him to live unselfishly, despite his circumstances.
It was that desire to help others that led him to join the U.S. Army. After eleven years of service and proven leadership in the Army, Arthur earned his MBA in Finance and went on to become a corporate leader as a VP at Citigroup and team leader in the Financial Advice and Solutions Group at USAA. Though he was a success by corporate standards, Arthur still sensed that more could be done to help others.
He realized that the system of building wealth was broken and unavailable to far too many people. So, he decided to focus on helping people become wealthy through helping them launch their dreams via entrepreneurship. He began by launching the Toole Group, Inc.