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You deserve to be free to live the life you want using the gifts and talents you were born with!

Sometimes all you need is someone to share their experiences (good and bad) to help you get there faster.  That’s where I come in.


“At the end of the day, I want to help people and businesses dream bigger, achieve their goals, and carry out their mission in life.” -Arthur Toole

Arthur’s story began in Birmingham, Alabama.  After college, 11 years in the U. S. Army, an MBA in finance from Clark Atlanta University, and years of corporate experience, he committed to building a blueprint for others to follow to become successful in their entrepreneurial pursuits.

What drives Arthur is his desire to protect and support his family and friends while creating resources that will positively impact the lives of those who directly or indirectly come into contact with him. To that end, he published the book “Don’t Eat From the F.I.G. Tree”, founded a school (SIFT Institute), established non-profit organizations (Empower a Teacher and Sift Foundation), and created podcasts (Restart with Art and Pain Relief University).

In his words, “Being a first-generation entrepreneur allowed me to experience both epic failures and generation-altering successes and I learned a lot along the way.  It is my belief that everyone shouldn’t have to learn these lessons through trial and error. I aim to live a transparent life so those who are willing, can learn from me and build faster and better than I have.”

Arthur has been called many things on his journey, but when asked what he would call himself, he said, “I am a servant to and guide for the people who are just one solution away from fulfilling their calling.”

current companies:

Veteran Shark Tank winner 2019

For the last seven years, Arthur Toole and his wife Danette, both Army veterans, had a dream of creating an all-natural pain product. The idea was born from their mutual struggles with aching knees and backs that found no relief from doctors or standard pain treatments.

“We had a lot of people who told us this is a waste of time, but we believed in it and we believed that what we were doing was right, and it was going to help people,” said Arthur, 41, of Germantown, Maryland of their topical pain product, MegRelief, launched in March.

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DMV Veteran Shark Tank Pitch Competition 2021

When I won the 2019 Philly’s Veteran Shark Tank, I knew it was going to be the boost my young business needed to get the supplies, equipment, etc. I needed for it to grow. But something I didn’t anticipate happened. They never paid.  Even though I won, met all of their requirements, they chose not to pay me.  At one point, before they  ghosted me, they asked me to sign an agreement allowing them to keep the money and in exchange, they’d allow me to continue saying I won.  When I declined, they stopped responding to me at all.They stopped answering my calls and emails. They even ignored the letters from my attorney. Thanks, Philly Veteran Shark Tank. 
The experience almost destroyed me and my business. 
2 things happened to me in that moment:
1. I committed to never depend on outside organizations or debt to grow my business. 
2. I committed to providing other veteran business owners an opportunity to win funds for their business and actually RECEIVE the funds and training to help them be successful.
Thankfully, partners like Prince George’s Community College and United Way of the National Capital Area believe in supporting veterans as much as I do.
Hence, the 1st annual DMV Veteran Shark Tank Pitch Competition was born. Congratulations to 2021 winners Katherine Sylvester, Tiffany Daniels and Juan Biddex Jr.

2022 VEteran Shank Tank Pitch Competition