contract with yourself

Make a contract with yourself…here’s one from one of the greats himself…

How important is building a contract with yourself?


After reading both Law of Success and Think and grow rich (by Napoleon Hill), I tried the following. I can honestly say, I began seeing a difference. Try it and see if it works for you. At the bare minimum, it will force you to speak what you really desire for yourself versus speaking what society has forced you to submit to believing about yourself.

Read every shortly after arising in the morning and just before going to bed every evening:

I am going to be _______________________________ because this will enable me to render the world a useful service that is needed – and it will yield me a financial return that will provide me with the necessary material things in life.
I will concentrate my mind on this desire for 10 minutes daily, just before retiring at night and just after arising in the morning, for the purpose of determining just how I shall proceed to transform it into reality.
I know that I can become _____________________________________, therefore I will permit nothing to interfere with my doing so.


During the 10 minutes of concentrating, look ahead one, three, five, or even ten years and see yourself as the most powerful investor of your time.

See, in your imagination, an appropriate income, see yourself in your own home that you have purchased with proceeds from your efforts as a futures, options, and stock investor.

See yourself in possession of a nice bank account as a reserve for old age. See yourself in a position of influence, due to your great ability as a futures, options, and stock investor. Contract with yourself to see a life-calling in which you will not fear loss of your position.

Paint this picture clearly, through the powers of your imagination and lo! It will soon become transformed into a beautiful picture of deeply seated desire. Use this desire as the chief object of your concentration and observe what happens.

contract with yourself