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Arthur is the perfect blend of a great educator and stern mentor. His passion comes through in making sure every detail is addressed. I appreciate is high level of professionalism!

Farah Mackr

I squat guide for maximum efficiancy have never known a person as tenacious and full of entrepreneurial fervor as Arthur. Every encounter with him inspires me to continue pursuing my dreams because of his perseverance and living testament to never give up.

— Michelle

“Arthur’s strategy instantly showed us how to streamline our business processes.”

— Nate Johnson

Art is a man with not only a vision and purpose but I would also add the competence and focus to see it through. In addition to business acumen Art also possesses and practices a high degree of personal and professional ethics, earning him the trust of both friends and colleagues.

— Caleb Sharbono

Arthur gave me, on the low end, a $522k strategy for free. I’m implementing all the advice he gives from now on without even thinking about it.

— Anna Wong, Volunteer

“Arthur provided a clear vision for the direction we are headed.”

— Dalen Spratt