The Truth About Entrepreneurship No One Tells You

In this season 2017/2018, everybody wants to be an entrepreneur because that’s the cool thing.

I think that’s wonderful, but what I want to share with you today is that the romanticized Hollywood version of entrepreneurship is 9 times out of 10 not what you’re going to experience. The Facebook darlings, the Twitter darlings, that isn’t reality. Not only is it not reality, even the story they project onto you and to us about how those types of people made it isn’t reality. Most of them failed on average three times before they hit gold. In addition to that, life for them was littered with lawsuits whether it be people deceiving them, people trying to get over on them, and family members coming to them trying to get over them. They’re just plagued with an onslaught of things that isn’t in any textbook. What I want to do today was to give you that beforehand. It’s not to discourage you but to make you aware.

If what you’re doing is necessary for society that’s good especially if you have a good product and you’re out to do good for the community. Now, if you’re just trying to get rich quick this isn’t for you, you go do what you have to do, but for those who genuinely want to make society better and you want to do it in the realm of business understand that with that comes a lot of failure and a lot of setbacks. There will be a lot of people coming in and saying they’re going to do this and not do that. There will be a lot of employees that’s going to do the bare minimum to stay employed or you’re going to have the employees that do over and beyond and want more. That’s what you’re walking into.

The other thing you’re walking into that you have to understand is when you work for a company your task is just that one job. For example, if you’re in sales, marketing, operations, or customer service you’re focused on that one job but when you’re the number one person, you’re everything. You can delegate the task to someone if you hire them but you can never delegate the responsibility.

When you go into this thing, go into it wide-eyed and know that it’s going to take a lot. However, when done well, not only will you reap the financial rewards, but you will reap the mental and spiritual rewards of knowing that you’ve satisfied a problem in someone’s life. You have made their lives better be it in the medical, financial, health field, or whatever it is, that’s what business does. Business makes other people’s lives better and as a reward for that you get in return, business.

I’m going to start sharing as much of this as possible because I want you guys to have a true and accurate picture of what entrepreneurship is. I don’t want you to get bamboozled by what Hollywood says it’s going to be or what people on social media says it is. Remember, most of the time they’re trying to sell you something. I’m not interested in selling you anything, I’m just trying to be to you what I wish someone would have been to me.