Know This First Tip Before You Try to Become an Entrepreneur

I sat back and thought truly if I was just starting based on what I’ve just experienced this week what would I want to know.

The truth is really simple. All those ideas that you have come up with, all those ways you strategize on the white board, and all the advice people give you who really haven’t been doing what you know they’re doing in the area, all that stuff is going to fail period. Especially if you have something really big. Now, if you’re doing a multi-level marketing thing where you got a package business then it’s different but, if you’re the creator and you’re birthing something that you haven’t seen before it’s going to fail.

That’s a wonderful thing! If everything worked out the exact way you said it was going to work out it’s kind of a dull win. The wins that are truly amazing are the ones where you got kicked in the teeth you got knocked out. You got knocked down, you thought it was over, and yet you found that fire in you that compelled you to get back up. Understand that when the failure happens, when that punch comes and you get knocked out, when you hear that bad news you worked all week and all month on that proposal just to get it rejected, that’s when the greatness comes.

I have failed my way here.

I’ve told you before there were four business failures to get to present day and even this week something I’ve been working on for the last three months, I found out today that it failed and it will not go forth the way I planned. It’s amazing because the innovation comes at that point. That’s when you can gather your resources and say, “Hey, you know what that fail meant? The way I just did it didn’t work, so now we can move that out of the way and now we can go to another path that will work”. Your ability to make that maneuver and your ability to make that quick shift to take the lesson, learn it quickly, shift, and boom take off, that’s what is going to set you apart.

Everybody has an idea. Everybody has the perfect strategy, but not everybody is willing to execute relentlessly until they achieve their desired goal. In business that desired goal should be to meet the needs of your customers, and to do it so well that you make profits off of it and they refer business back to you.

So, I’m congratulating you on your upcoming failures and the ones that you have today because that’s what’s going to make you successful. No, that’s not pretty but I want to give the raw truth in this blog. Had I had it then, I would have been better prepared for the 575,283 failures that I experienced before getting here. Let’s be clear, I haven’t made it yet but I’m very excited about the journey and I know that if you keep going you will be too.