Excerpt from “Action has no season” by Michael V. Roberts, JD.

Your inner constitution

Some individuals are oblivious to the present.  They generally function with thoughts of the non-existent, which are rooted in a state of nothingness.  Whether it’s in the past, future, or a different world, they live their lives in fantasies.  They exist often in an unclear fog.  This self-deception inhibits them from taking action.  They become comfortable in their own fantasies. These people are mainly followers.  They never look past the surface or dig deep within themselves to understand their true existence.  Sometimes, these complacent individuals cry for deliverance from the fears of the here and now.  They fight against facing anything but the facts immediately before them.

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 Mastering your emotions

The momentary gratification of exposing your attitude is not worth your life’s work.  Acting impulsively by divulging your emotions could cost your perseverance and dedication to acquiring authority and wealth.  If you keep your focus on the “big picture”, which is your calling, vision, and destiny, then you will never be hurt or experience any extreme emotion.

Mastering your emotions requires you to detach yourself from the moment and become mindful of the future ramifications of your actions. Avoiding surprises can guarantee control of your emotional reaction to any state of affairs.  In order to avoid surprises, you must plan a reaction to any possible situation.  Live and breathe the phrase, “Never let them see you sweat”.

It is the patience that you apply to your situation that makes you strong, and it is your impatience that makes you weak.

An Actionaire does not judge their opponents by their words or actions; rather, the judgment is based only on the net effect of their action.

Understanding your opponent’s hidden motives is the most profound bit of data you can acquire and is the key for all negotiations.

Always take the indirect road to achieving authority. A cunning camouflage of your action begins with a detailed analysis of the psychological weakness of your challenger.  The art of masquerading is one of the fundamental tools used by the Actionaire.

The paradox

Only fools make permanent decisions without knowledge

People seeking more authority must understand the dangers within the paradox of gaining authority.  It is a constant dynamic of being cunning while polite, devious yet fair, magnanimous but selfish.

On the surface of the corporate world, everyone must peacefully, coexist with each other; therefore, everything must appear conventional, politically correct, and civilized.  If you strictly play by the rules, then you can be assured that the clever ones will stampede you.

The best approach is to assume a casual image, which suggests that you are blasé, nonchalant, detached, laid-back, indifferent, and uncertain.

On occasion, an Actionaire should display mistakes or admit faults.  Envy by individuals will create asserted, negative action.  It is smart to masquerade your strengths by demonstrating a weakness to your antagonist.

My interest is to shape you into an astute entrepreneur, a hard-core capitalist, or a clever political insurgent.

History, unfortunately, has taught that straightforwardness and truth may inadvertently hurt or destroy us.

What are your thoughts on this?  I haven’t finished the book, but want to discuss some of the core principles with those interested.