Affiliate FAQ

How do I make money?

You earn commissions by referring customers to where they can purchase a pitch competition and grants list membership. You will earn up to 30% percentage commission for every membership purchased from your publishing partner link or coupon code. Most products on this site are monthly subscriptions; therefore you will be paid 20% of the monthly subscription as long as the lead stays subscribed. 

How Do I start promoting your products?

Generally, you should choose some banners or links and place them onto your pages. When your visitor clicks on an embedded link, they will be redirected to one of the sales pages. We also provide coupon codes for affiliates to share with their audience if they prefer that method. If this visitor buys something, you will be rewarded with a commission for this sale.

How do I know I will be paid for my referral?

This site uses cookies to track referrals for the best possible reliability. When your prospect follows your publishing partner link to the site, we register this referral and place a cookie on your prospects computer. When the prospect pays for the product, we check for a cookie and credit your account with commission if found. This process is completely automatic. All your referrals will be properly tracked.

When will I be paid?

We will pay you 15 days after the close of each month. In the event that you only generate commissions on yearly products, we reserve the right to delay payment until a significant portion of the subscription has been used. Please see the terms for further details.

What is a publishing partner link?

A publishing partner link is a special URL where you should be sending your prospects so you can get credit for a sale. You will get the URL’s for different banners in your affiliate panel.

Do I make commissions on my own purchases if I buy through my own link?

No. Commissions will always be paid to the person who introduced you to If a prospect purchases a product from your computer through your link, you will not get credit for the sale. The cookies will track back to the person who you purchased from and not you. Do not purchase products for people; the commissions will not track back to you.

How much do I make per sale?

It varies per product.  However, the minimum commission is 20%.

Are there any fees to be a affiliate?

No, there are no costs for approved affiliates.

Do I have to be a paid member in order to promote it?

No, it is not required to be a paid member.

How can I see the of my leads?

Yes. You will be provided an affiliate access that will show you your results in real time.

How do I get paid?

When your balance exceeds $100 for the first time, you will be contacted by our team to arrange your payment details and relevant tax forms.

I want my business to be paid instead of me personally, how do I change this information?

You will need to submit a new W9 with your corporate information.

Will I receive a 1099 for taxes?

If you are a US based publishing partner you will be sent a 1099.

What happens to my commissions when someone requests a refund?

We do not grant refunds, we only stop billing monthly if the client requests to cancel.