Don’t Eat From the F.I.G Tree


This isn’t a book to motivate you or a “how-to” book. There are plenty of those that are highly beneficial to those who desire such things (i.e. the Bible, Think and Grow Rich, and the Law of Success original version).

This book is for those who are hungry for more than what life has given them and they have recently made the commitment to go after it.

This book is also for parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and teachers who have an aspiring (or confused) teenager and/or a young adult who needs just a little more to crack the code to being successful.

This book was originally for the author’s son.

He had unlimited potential, but was a little too green to successfully tackle the world. He had talent, but hadn’t mastered his skills yet. On one particular road trip from Birmingham, Alabama to Atlanta, Georgia, he wondered what would happen if he died and his son was left to face the world without him. Would he be forced to learn these lessons the hard way like his father did? Would he learn them at all? Thus, he recorded 65% of the book during that 2 hour drive covering 36 different aspects of life, business, and relationships he must know, understand, and embrace as he transitions into his next phase of life. He offers it to you.

May it assist you where you are and be a guide through your transition from your current station in life into your purpose.